Best way to photograph dents

We provide estimates based on photos if we can get a good sense of what the dents look like and where they are on the vehicle. Here are some simple instructions on how to take photos of your dents.

  1. Take three photos from three different angles - right, center and left of the dent. Natural light is preferable.

  2. Or take a 15-20 second video. Slowly sweep the camera from the left of the dent to the right of dent to get as many angles as you can.

  3. Please get a shot of the whole panel so we know where the dents are located on the panel and how big the dents are.

Even if the dents don't show up that well in the photos, they will give us a lot of information about the repair.

Email the photos to

If emailing is not an option, please text the photos at 604-783-9910.

We will then get back to you to discuss the repair, give you an estimate and look at booking an appointment.

So impressed! I had two small but annoying dents that I needed fixed. I just emailed the pictures to Chad, he sent me an estimate and we made an appointment. Chad came to my place and within about 90 minutes the dents had magically vanished! He was friendly, professional and obviously very skilled at what he does. If I have the misfortune of more dents in the future I will not hesitate to call him again as well as recommend his services to others. Thanks!
— Stephanie Whitehead